Illinois Postmaster Arrested After Hundreds Of Greeting Cards Found At Home

In a shocking discovery, an Illinois postmaster has been arrested after nearly 500 greeting cards were found in his home. Justin Brown, the postmaster in Moline, Illinois, was taken into custody on June 28 following a raid by Davenport, Iowa, police.

The investigation, sparked by complaints from residents of Geneseo, Moline, East Moline, Milan, Rock Island, and Silvis, revealed that Brown had been stealing mail since December 2023. The stolen items, primarily greeting cards, often contained cash or gift cards.

Brown now faces a Class B felony charge for ongoing criminal activity. During the search, police found a digital scale with methamphetamine residue and a marijuana grinder, suggesting drug use.

According to an affidavit, Brown intercepted mail before it was processed by the postal system. He specifically targeted greeting cards that he believed held money or gift cards. Once stolen, the mail was taken to his residence.

Handling complaints about missing mail himself, Brown effectively concealed his crimes. Authorities noted that his actions were driven by addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Brown had no personal ties to the senders of the stolen mail.

A police report detailed the contents of the recovered cards, which included family photos, personal messages, and checks. Many cards had previously contained cash or gift cards, as evidenced by empty packaging found among them. The stolen cards covered various occasions, including birthdays, weddings, and holidays.