Independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Comes Out For Reparations

To pull voters from President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign support, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces support for reparations. Reparations are a topic that is a strong campaign point for African-American voters nationwide.

The topic of reparations for black Americans is currently in legislation on the floor of Congress. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the Biden administration feels Congress is a good place for this discussion and is “leaving it to Congress.”

Kennedy recently voiced his thoughts on the topic, saying he backed them to “rebuild black infrastructure.” The infrastructure Kennedy is referring to are businesses, banks, and neighborhoods.

Kennedy’s announcement took many people by surprise. Kennedy usually takes a moderate stance on many topics. To come out for reparations was, to many, an apparent bid to move voters from Biden’s side to Kennedy’s.

It should be noted that previous discussions of reparations were direct cash payments to individuals and families nationwide. This direct payment system is not what Kennedy is backing.

Kennedy supports tax credits and redress payments with specific ideas for how the money may be used. On his campaign website, Kennedy gave a more detailed view of his stance on reparations and their associated payment.

“Communities specifically targeted for destruction need to be specifically targeted for repair.” He went on to discuss the infrastructure and how properly funded programs could help rebuild black communities.

“We must set federal dollars aside to rebuild Black infrastructure.” “These programs complement direct redress payments or tax credits to the descendants of the victims of Jim Crow and other victims of persecution.”

Kennedy has discussed his views on rebuilding black communities in the past. In one of his statements in a July interview with YouTuber Math Hoffa, Kennedy suggested that the type of structured reparation system he felt confident in would help boost communities between white and black citizens rather than drive them further apart.