Israel Receives Billions In Bombs And Jets From Biden

Israel is set to receive billions of dollars worth of bombs and fighter jets from the U.S. at the approval of the Biden administration, the Washington Post has reported.

The shipment will include 1,800 MK-84 bombs that weigh 2,000 pounds and 500 MK-82 bombs that weigh 500 pounds, both capable of inflicting extreme damage and destruction over a wide radius in a single hit.

In response to the revelation, Muslims and peace activists in the United States have expressed outrage and disgust. The trend is reflective of a growing revolt in a voting bloc that has precedent voting for Democrats, but is now showing signs of turning their backs on Joe Biden in the 2024 presidential election.

Meanwhile, President Biden continues attempting to straddle both sides of the conflict and take a middle-ground approach of supporting Israel on one hand while calling for humanitarian aid and restraint on the other.

Rifts on Capitol Hill have also emerged as pro-Palestinian Democrats have publicly criticized the president. Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) said, “The Biden administration needs to use their leverage effectively and, in my view, they should receive these basic commitments before greenlighting more bombs for Gaza.” He then added, “We need to back up what we say with what we do.”

Nevertheless, the White House has continued to put on a face of unified support. “We have continued to support Israel’s right to defend itself,” a White House official said. “Conditioning aid has not been our policy.”

The Biden administration finds itself between a rock and a hard place as it attempts to appease both Muslim and Jewish voters on this issue. While losing the Islamic vote could cost Biden states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, having the Jewish vote turn against him could also prove costly this election year.

While politics is indeed a part of everything in life, it is a sad state of affairs when the policies of the United States are driven more by political chess than simply taking a stand on what is believed to be the right thing to do and sticking to it on the basis of principle.

Sadly, such bedrock principles of humanity and vision of justice and sound judgment are sorely lacking in today’s government as it is run largely by career politicians like Joe Biden and the interests of lobbyists.