Jamaal Bowman Surrenders On False Fire Alarm Charges

Disgraced Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) turned himself in to police Thursday morning on charges of pulling the fire alarm at a Capitol office building. Most believe his clear intent was to stall a vote on a stopgap spending bill supported by Republicans.

Congress was attempting to keep the federal government funded past the Sept. 30 deadline.

Bowman agreed to plead guilty to the childish stunt in a deal with the Washington, D.C. attorney general. His admission will result in the “false fire alarm” charge being dropped.

The member of the radical leftist “Squad” was expected to be arraigned Thursday. The charges will disappear, according to the agreement, within three months if Bowman issues a formal apology and pays the $1,000 fine.

The New York Democrat initially claimed he accidentally triggered the alarm in an attempt to open a door. But even members of his own party did not buy this excuse after seeing security footage of him pulling the clearly marked alarm.

Bowman finally confessed — at least partially — saying in a statement that he is “responsible for activating a fire alarm. I will be paying the fine issued and look forward to these charges being ultimately dropped.”

Amazingly, the congressman attempted to rewrite history by claiming that he admitted to pulling the fire alarm “from the very beginning.” This is a great example of the double-speak that infuriates so many voters and leads to distrust of their representatives.

Bowman further claimed that House Republicans will use his case to divert attention from themselves, even as a new Speaker was selected. The unrepentant official expressed his desire to move forward “and to continue to work hard to deliver for New Yorkers.”

And hopefully not pull any more fire alarms, which should constitute a felony. According to D.C. authorities, the Cannon Office Building was evacuated for approximately one and a half hours.

Many Republicans correctly noted the blatant double standard at work in the congressman’s case.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) called for Bowman to face prosecution under the same law used to incarcerate Jan. 6 protesters. After all, he was also “interfering with an official proceeding,” according to Greene.