Jean-Pierre Falters When Pressed On Migrant Drownings Falsehood

The Biden White House is nothing if not consistent with clinging to a false narrative. Even as the story built around three migrant drownings last Friday crumbled, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stood by the official narrative.

The administration and several left-wing press outlets ran with the erroneous account that Texas authorities blocked Border Patrol agents from assisting the distressed mother and children. That was patently false.

The Justice Department admitted in a Monday filing that the victims were already drowned when Texas officers were notified by Mexican officials. They had been deceased for roughly one hour before word came to the U.S. side.

Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich pressed Jean-Pierre on the issue Wednesday. “Will the administration amend its separate statement that implied that Texas officials were responsible for the deaths of those three migrants when, in fact, they had nothing to do with it?”

Heinrich pointed out that they had already been dead for an hour before Texas officers were notified.

Several media outlets were forced to issue corrections after the White House statement. She asked if the administration would admit that it erred.

Instead of doing the right thing, Jean-Pierre doubled down on the White House dishonesty.

First she chastised Heinrich to show sensitivity toward the “devastating situation.”

Then she declared, “Our statement is consistent with the DOJ’s filing. As the DOJ filing said, there was an ongoing emergency situation that Border Patrol was blocked from accessing. There were other migrants in the water as well.”

Heinrich countered that the emergency was over and the presence of the other migrants was a separate situation.

But Jean-Pierre immediately fell back on White House protocol and doubled down on the falsehood. She merely responded, “There were other migrants in the water as well,” even though that situation had nothing to do with the tragic drownings.

She then suppressed further questioning and said that all further queries should be forwarded to the DOJ.

Just another day in the Biden administration. Float a falsehood attacking conservatives and then refuse to admit the deception when presented with clear and contrary evidence. Business as usual.