Jesse Watters Calls Out Durbin’s Lies About Epstein Flight Logs

After Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) denied Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) request to subpoena deceased trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs, Fox News host Jesse Watters has caught Durbin in multiple lies about the issue.

In her crusade to make the names of Epstein’s clients public, Blackburn has repeatedly tried to use the power of the Senate to obtain information about the trafficker — including flight logs for his private jet, which was dubbed the “Lolita Express.”

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on November 9, Blackburn publicly requested a subpoena for the flight logs, but her request was denied by Durbin.

She once again requested the subpoena on November 30 and was again blocked by Durbin — prompting Blackburn to repeatedly condemn the Democrat leader on social media.

Her posts caused a firestorm of outrage from the public, including many social media users questioning whether Durbin was blocking the subpoena because his own name might be on Epstein’s client list.

Blackburn also followed up on the issue while questioning FBI Director Christopher Wray in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, with Durbin present the entire time. The Republican senator pressed Wray on cases of Epstein victims that the FBI did not pursue, as well as about the flight logs. Blackburn has described Wray’s response to the questioning as a non-answer.

Fox News has since followed up with Durbin, trying to ask him about denying Blackburn’s request. Watters sent reporter Hillary Vaughn to Capitol Hill to directly ask Durbin about the issue. First, he got irritated when he discovered that she worked for Fox News. Then, when asked about the Epstein flight logs, Durbin insisted that the issue had “never been raised to me by anyone,” while trying to escape the conversation.

Vaughn refused to let him walk away, pressing Durbin about how Blackburn had repeatedly requested a subpoena for the flight logs in front of him in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“It’s the first time anyone has raised it,” Durbin insisted. “Thank you, Fox.”

Watters brought up all of this on his Fox News show, “Jesse Watters Primetime,” where he pointed to the obvious evidence that Durbin was lying to Vaughn, while also revealing that his team had contacted Durbin’s office the previous week about the subpoena for the flight logs — to which they claimed there was not enough time to consider it.

The Fox News host then played a clip of the Democrat senator complaining about Vaughn’s questions to Blackburn during a televised Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, where he claimed that Blackburn had never spoken to him about the issue. She fired back, pointing out her previous requests.

“So, we caught him lying,” Watters concluded. “First, there wasn’t enough time. Then, this was the first time he was hearing about it. Then, it was never brought up in his presence. Why is Dick playing dumb? And why hasn’t he voted to subpoena the flight logs already? A week’s gone by!”