Jewish Americans Embrace Right To Bear Arms

In the wake of the recent Hamas terror attacks near Gaza, Jewish communities in both the United States and Israel have been taking measures to bolster their security, with a marked increase in the purchase of firearms and enrollment in firearm training programs.

David Kowalsky, a Jewish man and the owner of the Florida Gun Store, has reported a “tremendous increase” in firearm purchases by religious Jewish and Orthodox people. “I’ve seen a surge in interest in individual training as well as group training,” Kowalsky remarked. His store has also been approached by local synagogues seeking to host gun training seminars.

Similarly, Magen Am, a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles that provides firearm training to Jews, has experienced a surge in interest, receiving over 600 calls in the last week alone. Rabbi Yossi Eilfort of Magen Am remarked, “The calls for self-defense training have just been really, really nonstop.”

This trend reflects a broader shift in attitudes toward firearms within the Jewish community. Historically, many American Jews have been liberal in their views on gun ownership, with the majority supporting gun reform and control measures. However, following the recent increase in antisemitic incidents and attacks, some are reevaluating their stance on personal gun ownership as a means of self-defense.

The increase in firearm purchases is not limited to the United States. In Israel, following the deadly Hamas attack, firearm sales have surged, with Israelis seeking to arm themselves in response to the shattered sense of security. The Israeli government has responded by adding dozens of staff to process the influx of firearms license applications, and the national security ministry has promised to distribute 10,000 free weapons to settlers in the occupied West Bank.

In both the U.S. and Israel, the Jewish communities are exercising their right to self-defense in the face of growing threats. As individuals and communities take steps to protect themselves, the narrative around gun ownership is evolving, shifting to a more conservative stance that emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility and the right to self-defense.

This increase in Jewish gun ownership is significant, as it indicates a departure from traditional views on gun control within the Jewish community. The reevaluation of these views, prompted by a desire for safety and security in uncertain times, underscores the importance of the Second Amendment in empowering individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones.