Judge Ordered Divorce Records Unsealed For Willis’ Alleged Lover

Embattled Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is under more pressure as a judge on Monday ordered records from her alleged lover’s contentious divorce case to be unsealed.

The scandal exploded recently when one of former President Donald Trump’s codefendants revealed the allegedly inappropriate clandestine relationship between Willis and her lead prosecutor. Nathan Wade was brought on board to assist the effort to bring down Trump.

The documents will almost certainly shed new light on the apparently bizarre connection between Willis and Wade. He was hired for hundreds of thousands of dollars with little to no experience in prosecuting similar cases.

The bombshell originated with Trump codefendant and political operative Mike Roman. His team filed a motion this month charging the DA’s prosecution was tainted by an “inappropriate relationship.”

Among his accusations are that Wade’s law firm used funds from Fulton County to pay for luxury vacations for the pair.

Even more troubling is the charge that Willis and Wade twice sat with Biden’s White House counsel last year before leveling the charges against Trump in August.

Wade’s wife of 26 years, Joycelyn Wade, believes her estranged husband intentionally concealed his true earnings to avoid paying her fair share. He raked in almost $700,000 from Fulton County alone for his work in the Trump prosecution.

Part of the evidence presented in divorce documents included credit card receipts for expensive trips for Wade and Willis to Florida and California.

And then there are timing issues. Wade filed for divorce exactly one day after Willis named him special prosecutor. He then immediately asked for the documents to be sealed in an apparent attempt to keep embarrassing details from public knowledge.

At the Monday hearing, Cobb County Judge Henry Thompson agreed that the details of the case should be revealed.

Part of the material now exposed showed that Wade on multiple occasions attempted to prevent his financial records being disclosed. But the court persisted and ordered him to release his bank statements to his wife’s attorneys.

Jocycelyn Wade’s legal team accused him of racking up extravagant expenses while leaving her to survive on the leftovers. Attorney Andrea Hastings told the court, “I have reason to believe he is spending it on another woman and that’s my client’s money.”