Kentucky Democrats Pushes Dolls For ‘Minor-Attracted Persons’

A Kentucky Democrat is under fire for promoting child-like dolls for pedophiles, or as she described them, “minor-attracted persons.” State Sen. Karen Berg made her controversial remarks Thursday as obviously disgusted fellow lawmakers looked on in shock.

She was part of a committee hearing considering making dolls for adult purposes that look like children illegal.

Berg explained that these MAPS, or minor-attracted persons, have been the subject of a limited amount of research.

This alleged scientific scrutiny, she claimed, “suggest[s] that they actually — for people who are attracted to minors — that these dolls actually decrease their proclivity to go out and attack children.”

Berg added, “it actually gives them a release to make them less likely to go outside of their home.” After her shocking comments, the Democrat cast her vote along with her committee colleagues to ban the dolls.

The bill now heads to the full Kentucky Senate.

Berg told the chamber that she Googled the dolls to learn more and stumbled across findings that could help with these minor-attracted persons’ “proclivities.”

She asserted, “What was interesting is the research did not support the same conclusions for people who were adult-attracted using dolls.” Whatever that means.

Needless to say, the Kentucky Republican Party pounced on Berg’s shocking commentary. “This might be the most disturbing thing you see today. Watch KY Democratic Senator Karen Berg propose [these child dolls]” for state residents.

The GOP added, “This type of disturbing proposition has no place in the Commonwealth.”

Under a firestorm of criticism, Berg attempted to clarify her remarks. “As a mom and a physician, I am of course deeply concerned with the harm” rendered to children. She added her regret “if my question in committee didn’t convey that.”

The legislation being discussed, House Bill 207, went further than simply banning these highly inappropriate dolls. It would make importing or promoting these dolls a felony along with their possession.

Further, AI-generated images of minors would be added to existing state laws against inappropriate pictures of minors. It is difficult to imagine any lawmaker, even Democrats, being opposed to this legislation to protect children.