Laurence Fox Raided, Arrested After Spy Camera Comments

British law enforcement raided the home of a leading voice for civil liberties before arresting him and taking him to jail. Laurence Fox is the head of the Reclaim Party and a chief critic of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s “environmentally conscious” spy cameras.

Members of the public have been destroying the highly controversial devices on a daily basis.

Metropolitan Police confirmed Fox’s arrest after he posted on social media about being taken into custody. They said they detained “a 45-year-old man on suspicion of conspiring to commit criminal damage to ULEZ cameras and encouraging or assisting offenses to be committed.”

Fox, the star of “My Son Hunter,” saw six officers raid his home.

He posted about the aggressiveness he faced from authorities, saying “that is the Stasi police force we’ve got nowadays, instead of going onto the streets and solving crimes.”

Fox referenced the controversy over the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) spy cameras. He called them a “scam” and said they are indicative of the “complete surveillance state” Londoners now face.

Besides having his home ransacked, the GB News host is now the former host. The outlet said it sacked Fox due to remarks he made about a female journalist.

The underlying issue is the insanity of Mayor Khan’s ULEZ camera surveillance system. A secretive group called the “Blade Runners” wrought destruction on hundreds of these devices, which are intended to keep older cars out of certain parts of London.

That, of course, is under the pretext of climate change. Offending drivers, those who can least afford it, are charged a substantial amount when their vehicles are detected where the city dictated they are not supposed to be.

On Tuesday, Fox appeared on a podcast where he encouraged “mass removal of the surveillance state” He did not stop there.

The commentator declared, “I encourage them [Blade Runners] to tear down every single camera there is and I will be joining them to tear down cameras as well, because I’m one of those people that puts my money where my mouth is.”

Fox added that he was close to several members of the group and will be “out there with my angle grinder.”

Cameras have been doused with sticky spray, rendering them useless, vandalized and even chopped off poles.