Left Politicizing ‘Christian Nationalism’ Into Bogey Of The Right

Thought leaders in leftist political media are trying to terrify their audiences with the bogeyman of “Christian nationalism,” attempting to make having traditional values appear sinister and fascist in coordinated attack on Christianity itself, according to a feature report by the Washington Examiner on Sunday.

According to the Examiner, “The term ‘Christian Nationalism’ has been used by the Left as a means of dismissing social conservatives who believe in the role of religion — or Judeo-Christian values — in everyday American life.” It works by labeling conservatives and picturing them in the most stigmatizing, offensive and untrue possible ways.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested in February, for example, that Christian nationalism is the same as white supremacy. She said it means “shooting migrants at the border, full immunity for police to kill at-will … terminating the Constitution, bombing Mexico,” and “stripping women of all of their personal rights.” Reid made Christians loving their nation out to be criminals and bigots.

The MSNBC host brought a guest on to her show — Harvard professor Steven Levitsky — who told the cable news channel’s left-leaning audience that Christian nationalism is a group of “terrified” white people who are afraid that they are a shrinking racial minority. Levitsky said Christian nationalists want to “go back to the 1950s … through authoritarianism.”

“You cannot transform society, as diverse as it is, and go back to the world of the 1950s,” Levitsky warned MSNBC watchers, “without a heavy dose of authoritarianism, violence, repression, illegal behavior. That’s what’s coming if we don’t watch out.”

However, recent polling research by the Public Religion Research Institute has found that 33% of Black and 29% of Hispanic Americans have beliefs that might qualify them as Christian nationalists. Meanwhile, 30% of white Americans would belong to this group based on their beliefs about religion and government.

Micah Meadowcroft, director of research at the Center for Renewing America, told the Washington Examiner: “The more unmoored we become from these core moral assumptions that undergird our whole constitutional system and the more lawless our future will be.”

“So this is not a call to revolution, or civil war, or any such thing,” Meadocroft added. “It is rather a restoration, a re-founding and an establishment of genuine constitutional order again.”