Leftists Outraged Over Univision Interview Of Trump

The left exploded in anger when Hispanic media outlet Univision had the audacity to interview former President Donald Trump. How dare they allow the 2024 Republican frontrunner to speak directly to the people ahead of the election.

Radical liberals abhor any conservative having an unfiltered platform to speak to American voters. It destroys their monopoly on information and their ability to filter the message to suit their own ends.

Trump was interviewed at his Mar-a-Lago home on Nov. 9 by Enrique Acevedo. He is described as an outside anchor from Televisa, a Mexican television network, and was the recipient of harsh criticism from liberal circles.

A cursory glance at left-wing headlines told the story.

The L.A. Times “reported” that “Outrage against Univision grows after Trump interview.”

British socialist outlet The Guardian trumpeted the heading: “Trump interview an ‘insult to Hispanic community,’ ex-Univision head says.”

The paper noted that Joaquin Blaya told MSNBC that the piece was simply a “one-hour propaganda open space for former President Trump to say whatever he wanted to say.”

Radical leftist actor John Leguizamo used a segment on “The Daily Show” to blast the Hispanic network for giving Trump airtime. He questioned why Univision “gave Trump a softball interview” and wondered why the former president “let a Latin guy in his house.”

Leguizamo said that Hispanics trust Univision for news but the network failed to “confront” the GOP frontrunner.

Calling a second Trump presidency “mad scary,” the actor claimed the interview should have been the setting for battling the candidate for his “hard-line anti-Latino policies.” He said the outlet needed to reveal what his election could mean for Latinos in the U.S.

For starters, it would mean a better economy and a stronger nation. But that’s not what Leguizamo’s message was intended to say and it was not aimed at those here legally.

Instead, he and his leftist admirers worry that Trump would do his constitutional duty to secure the border. They are concerned that he would reverse the damage done to the Republic by the failed Biden administration’s complete abandonment of responsibility.

And they worry that law-abiding Hispanic voters understand that any nation, not just the U.S., that does not secure its borders is in mortal danger.