‘Liar’: Carlson Slams Abbott For Refusing To Secure Border

Whether by dispatching National Guard troops, relocating thousands of migrants or approving a floating barrier in the Rio Grande, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has gained significant attention in recent years for his border security efforts.

Upon closer inspection, however, critics including former Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson say Abbott’s actions are not as impressive as they might seem on the surface.

During a recent appearance at an event in Michigan, Carlson unfavorably compared Abbott to that state’s Democratic governor, claiming that the two had “quite a bit” in common.

“In the end, most governments are run by a small group of people without reference to what the majority wants,” he told the crowd. “Take a look at the priorities of the low-I.Q. lunatic who’s running your state, Gretchen Whitmer, who deserves zero respect, no respect.”

Carlson went on to outline Whitmer’s focus on divisive social issues — including efforts to criminalize the use of pronouns that do not correspond with a person’s gender identity. He estimated that “roughly around a tenth of one percent” of Michigan’s population is “on board with that as a top concern.”

Shifting his focus back to Abbott, he asked: “How many Texans you think are all on board with letting 7 million people cross into their state illegally? What percentage? Zero. Zero. I don’t care what your race or national origin, nobody is for that. That’s insane.”

Nevertheless, Carlson claimed that the state’s governor has not done “anything meaningful” to prevent the influx of undocumented migrants. For starters, he complained that Abbott had not been using the National Guard to its fullest potential.

Stating that troops could “stop that in a week” if given the proper orders, he blamed Abbott for refusing to do so.

“He won’t do it,” Carlson added. “And it’s not like no one’s suggested it. I’ve suggested it to him three times, including in private at a cocktail party in Dallas last year.”

Beyond simply rejecting calls to empower military personnel and authorities to adequately defend the border, Carlson accused Abbott of misrepresenting his motives.

“You’re lying to me,” he said in reference to the Texas governor. “You don’t want to do it because your donors don’t want you to do it. It’s that simple. Greg Abbott, liar. Liar. And worse than liar, betrayer of your own people. That’s what it is.”