Lottery Winner Suing Daughter’s Mother For Telling Family About Winnings

A man who won the $1.35 billion Mega Millions lottery jackpot has filed a lawsuit against his daughter’s mother after she allegedly told his family members about the win despite signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

After winning the second-largest jackpot in history in the Maine state lottery in January, the lucky man chose to receive a one-time payout of $723.56 million in cash — leaving him with a little over $404 million after taxes.

Now, he is taking legal action against his daughter’s mother for violating an NDA and informing his family members about the winnings. The media was able to obtain a copy of the complaint, which shows that the man, only identified as “John Doe,” is suing his daughter’s mother “Sara Smith” for allegedly disclosing the winnings and potentially compromising his “public persona and safety.”

The woman had reportedly signed an NDA two weeks before the man officially claimed the prize in February, which required her to keep the lottery winnings a secret until their daughter turns 18 in June 2032. The man argued in the NDA that the lottery winnings should be kept secret in order to “avoid irreparable harm of allowing the media or the public in general to discover” his name, whereabouts, assets and information about his daughter.

His daughter’s mother willingly signed the document because he promised to help her with resources going forward. If she violated the NDA, she would be subject to payment of “legal and equitable relief… without the requirement or necessity of proving actual damages” — including paying the man compensation for the breach, legal fees and other costs incurred by him.

She was also required to inform him within 24 hours if she broke the terms of the NDA.
Despite these terms, “Sara Smith” did not inform him after telling his father and stepmother about the money over the phone. His sister was also later informed of the lottery winnings, and other family members were likely informed as well.

According to the lawsuit, “John Doe” suffered “irreparable injury” because of her actions, and “there is immediate and imminent danger that ‘John Doe’ will continue to suffer irreparable injury for which there is no adequate remedy at law.”

The lottery winner has also told reporters that he is trying to discover who else his daughter’s mother told about the money. He is seeking at least $100,000 for each NDA breach in his lawsuit, along with compensation for the associated legal bills and court expenses.