Manchin Leaning Toward Third Party Bid For White House

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-VA) is creeping toward a third party candidacy as he further expressed his disgust with the extremism that permeates the Biden White House.

The Democrat described the incumbent as a “good, decent man” in a CNN interview. However, he complained that the Oval Office under Biden is filled with “far, far-left liberals.

Manchin, who was often the foil to the Biden agenda in the first two years of the administration, took credit for ultimately shaping Democratic policies. As the swing vote in a nearly evenly divided Senate, the senator said he succeeded in pushing Biden “to do things his way.”

While a moderate by Democratic standards, Manchin expressed no love for a potential second Trump term in the White House.

He told CNN that the prospect is “very much concerning to every human being and every person who basically loves the country that we have, and the life that we have, and trying to have a future for our children and future generations.”

CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere reported that Manchin, should he choose to run, would be a candidate for the centrist “No Labels” group. This would ensure him a position on many ballots as the organization works toward a “unity” ticket.

Manchin fueled speculation of his intentions in November when he announced that he would skip another run for the Senate.

Republicans were thrilled knowing that West Virginia is deeply red and will almost certainly flip in November. GOP Gov. Jim Justice had already mounted a campaign against Manchin and is running against fellow Republican Alex Mooney.

As for the No Labels group, it found difficulty luring a candidate with name recognition to head its 2024 ticket. But it may have that person in Manchin as it expressed its admiration for his moderate stances.

In a November statement, No Labels said “Sen. Joe Manchin is a tireless voice for America’s commonsense majority and a longtime ally of the No Labels movement. The Senate will lose a great leader when he leaves.”

As New Hampshire primary voters cast their ballots, Manchin told reporters a decision will come soon. “Super Tuesday pretty much confirms whatever is going to happen, what we believe will happen, and we’ll see where we go from there.”