More Than 500,000 Leave California Since 2021

California has seen a large wave of residents exiting the state over the last two years, part of a wider wave of residents leaving over the past decade.

More than a half million people have left California since 2021, according to census figures.

Between April 2020 and July 2020, the number of people leaving the state exceeded a half million. Furthermore, the issue is concentrated in the large cities of the state, with more than 250,000 leaving Los Angeles County alone.

California is second only to New York in the number of residents that left the state over the past two years.

The latest news is part of a wider trend that shows the exodus of residents leaving the Golden State. Furthermore, the trend is one that is common among states run by Democrats.

The recent exodus followed a similar number of major iterations of people leaving the state en masse, dating back more than a decade.

The significant out-migration could be seen in the 2020 census, taking place over the previous decade. Far more people have left the state than entered it.

Furthermore, the movement from the state accelerated after the start of the 2020 pandemic.

There are a number of reasons that conservative critics cite regarding the large number of people leaving predominantly Democratic states. These include higher taxes than their counterparts in other states, as well as significant regulations.

It is likely that the trend of leaving California is not close to ending. Furthermore, the conditions in the Golden State remain difficult. Major cities in the state have seen sharp increases in crime.

Such spikes in crime affect every part of the state. This includes specific targeting of wealthier areas for burglary.

Some Californians leaving the state reference a number of other crimes, including a sharp increase in homelessness and open drug use. Many of the state’s large cities have turned a blind eye to such issues, especially since 2020.

The combination of factors that led to the current exodus is unlikely to end anytime soon and could lead to another wave of residents leaving the state.