MSNBC’s Joy Reid Equates Immigration Laws To Segregation

MSNBC talking head Joy Reid will never be mistaken for the voice of reason, and this week she presented another glaring example why. The leftist radical compared the push to control the open southern border with racial segregation of the 1960s.

Reid was upset by Rep. Chip Roy’s (R-TX) call for Texas authorities to continue to protect citizens from the illegal invasion. This came after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the Biden administration may dismantle razor wire installed by the state along the border.

To the liberal network host, this equated to Bull Connor and the water cannons of yesteryear.

Conversing with immigration activist Paola Ramos, Reid made her egregious comparison. “This massive resistance, it sounds like the old Southerners who said that we will resist integration by any means necessary, that Chip Roy language.”

She then asked Ramos how that call was received among Latinos.

The activist proceeded to accuse Republicans of urging authorities to break the law. As if the millions of illegal migrants changing the very fabric of the nation are not already breaking the law.

It should be noted that Ramos is on record blasting Hispanics who want to learn English and assimilate into American society as “adjacency to Whiteness.”

It should be further noted that the resistance by Roy and Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is not occurring in a vacuum. December saw the highest number of illegal migrant encounters at the southern border on record — a staggering 302,000.

Not only did the total establish a new high water mark, it was the first time that the number topped 300,000.

And the deluge is by design.

From the first day he entered the White House, Biden set out to roll back successful Trump era policies that brought the border under reasonable control. No more wall construction and no more Title 42.

Now, the administration throws up its hands in bewilderment over what is becoming the number one issue on voters’ minds. Democrats claim the system is “broken” and there is a dire need for immigration reform.

The quiet part they avoid mentioning is exactly what they want to accomplish through this “reform.” First on the list is amnesty for millions upon millions of illegals they allowed to enter the nation.

After that it will be an official apparatus that allows millions more to race across the border under the guise of “asylum seekers.” And at that point, it will be too late.