Musk Blasts Hiring Of ‘Racial Equity’ Officer In Maryland

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently blasted the left’s efforts to institute ‘gender ideology’ in U.S. institutions.

In the City of College Park, Maryland, officials hired a “racial equity” leader to lead the city’s mission to eliminate “systemic racism” in its departments, which have released public statements defending violence and promoting a potential revolution against the federal government.

The city’s new “racial equity” officer is Kayla Aliese Carter, who supports “Black liberation” through revolutionary means and has said she is cooperating with activists to plan “how we will eat and live and grow after we burn it all down.”

Despite such radical comments, she was hired to become a “Racial Equity Officer” under former Maryland Mayor Patrick L. Wojahn, who resigned from his position after being accused of possessing lewd material involving children.

The city’s website indicated that Carter established a team responsible for enacting a “racial equity” agenda across all city departments.

In a statement to Fox News, city officials said Carter would not oversee an entire team.

“Ms. Carter does not oversee an ‘entire team.’ Ms. Carter does not supervise City staff and her work primarily has been with the City’s Restorative Justice Commission, which has been charged with the development and implementation of a successful process of restorative justice for College Park’s Lakeland Community,” the city told the outlet.

Shortly after Wojahn signed “Resolution 20-R-16” into law, Carter was hired. The measure rejected “systemic racism” and declared support for Black Americans.

The law forced a systemic review of “all current policies and programs” to find any bias and “disparate impact … for Black people.” Carter is currently performing such a task.

Carter’s hiring comes after social media posts have indicated her support for violence. On Instagram, she once asked, “Why do Black people always have to rationalize our violence and anger?”

“Remember we are at war against colonialism,” Carter wrote on Instagram in February 2021. That same year, Carter expressed her hatred toward White children.

“I hate when White children stare at me its literally terrifying so I just state back until they stop,” Carter said at the time.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Musk reacted to Carter’s hiring and radical comments, saying, ‘Woke ideology wants you to die.”