Nikki Haley Criticizes Trump For Opposing Senate Immigration Plan

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) recently criticized former President Donald Trump, claiming he was “absolutely playing politics” by voicing his opposition toward the Senate’s bipartisan immigration deal.

During an interview on CNN, Haley was asked how she felt about Trump not supporting the Senate’s border security plan.

“Let’s turn it to the crisis at the U.S. southern border. Bipartisan negotiators in the U.S. Senate, they are set to release the text of a deal on border security soon. Donald Trump, as you know, is pushing Republican Senators to oppose the deal in part because he wants to run on the issue in 2024 in this election year,” CNN host Dana Bash asked Haley.

In response, Haley argued that the former president should refrain from “playing politics with the border.”

“I think nobody should be playing politics with the border. He shouldn’t be getting involved telling Republicans to wait until the election because we don’t want this to help Biden win,” the former South Carolina governor said. “You have millions of people who have come to that board, they are not being vetted. America is acting like it’s September 10.”

“Is he?” Bash followed up.

Haley said Trump was “absolutely playing politics” by telling GOP lawmakers in the Senate to strike down the immigration plan.

The former South Carolina governor’s comments come as she seeks to defeat Trump in the GOP presidential primary.

Haley previously lost the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire GOP presidential primary, with polls showing her losing to the former president in the upcoming South Carolina GOP primary.

A recent survey by Monmouth University Polling Institute/The Washington Post shows Trump with a 26-point lead over Haley in South Carolina.

Haley has refused to drop out of the 2024 GOP presidential primary race despite losing past contests against Trump. She has ramped up her attacks against the former president.
Haley recently appeared on Saturday Night Live (SNL), where she slammed Trump’s “mental competency.”

After her appearance on the show, Haley took to X, formerly known as Twitter, writing, “’I see dead people.’ That’s exactly what voters will think if this race is between Trump and Biden in the fall.”