NY Rep Has ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence Of Election Fraud

Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-N.Y.) said Sunday morning that she has “smoking gun” evidence that New York City officials have been helping illegal immigrants register to vote.

The congresswoman, whose district includes parts of New York City boroughs Brooklyn and Staten Island, said she has a copy of a contract between Homes for the Homeless and the city Department of Social Services.

The former is a non-profit organization dedicated to building emergency shelters for migrants, as the city has run out of resources to do so in the wake of a huge influx of immigrants thanks to the southern border crisis.

According to Malliotakis, the contract contains an appendix that shows the city government requires all contractors to provide migrants at shelters with forms so they can register to vote.

“This is the smoking gun that proves what we’ve been saying all along, that the city intends to register non-citizens to vote, and even those who are residing in these migrant shelters for just 30 days,” she said at a recent press conference.

She added that the situation “is extremely concerning.”

For its part, the city has denied that the contract states what Malliotakis says it does.

Yet, Fox News Digital, which also obtained a copy of the contract, pointed out different sections of the appendix that help prove Malliotakis’ claims.

A city Department of Social Services spokesperson responded to Fox’s story by saying the appendix’s provision about voter registration forms only applies to people living in shelter housing who are “eligible clients who are citizens.”

The spokesperson added that the provision “would clearly not apply to asylum seekers in shelter.”

In 2022, New York City passed a law that would’ve allowed non-citizens to cast votes in local elections, but the state’s Supreme Court eventually struck down that law, ruling it violated New York’s Constitution.

If it had been allowed to go into effect, more than 800,000 permanent legal residents living in New York City — and others who are authorized to work in America — would’ve been able to vote for positions such as City Council and mayor.