NYC Mayor Wears Red Scarf With CCP Symbol

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) recently wore a red scarf in the Big Apple containing a symbol of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Despite such alarming news, the Democratic mayor said the item was just a gift.

Adams was reportedly seen wearing the scarf, representing the blood of the Chinese Red Guards who laid down their lives to defend Communism.

The New York City mayor received a similar red scarf at the Prelude to the Lunar New Year at Cipriani Downtown, where a Chinese-owned media company, China Media Group, hosted a fashion show on Jan. 26, 2024.

Adams’ scarf garnered plenty of attention online. This would not be the first time the Democratic mayor used clothing to express his political beliefs.

In 2022, Adams attended the Met Gala wearing a custom tuxedo with the words “End Gun Violence.” The outfit was designed by the Nigerian artist Laolu.

Adams’ decision to wear the red scarf may be the most intriguing fashion choice since Chinese President Xi Jinping has also worn such attire. Not only that but when a New York nonprofit organization set up a Chinese police station in Lower Manhattan, members of the Fuzhou Police Overseas Service Station took pictures with red scarves around their necks.

The New York Post pointed out that on one occasion, Adams wore a scarf emblazoned with the white logo of Asian Community Empowerment Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. The New York City mayor posed with the scarf at an event with Winni Greco, one of his advisors who worked as a “consultant” to CCP groups.

A spokesperson for Adams told the New York Post that he was unaware of the scarf’s meaning.

“Mayor Adams was proud to march in two Lunar New Year parades this weekend to honor the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who celebrate this holiday,” the spokesperson told the outlet.

“During the festivities, someone handed Mayor Adams a red scarf and he put it on without looking at any logo on it. He wore that same scarf at the second event as well. That is the beginning and end of this story,” the spokesperson added.