NYC Nurse Fired After Calling Gaza War ‘Genocide’ During Award Acceptance Speech

Hesen Jabr, a 34-year-old Palestinian American labor and delivery nurse at NYU Langone Health, was fired after referring to the Israel-Hamas war that was prompted by the horrific Oct. 7 attack on Israel, in Gaza as a “genocide” during an acceptance speech for a compassion award.

In her May 7 speech, Jabr said, “It pains me to see the women from my country going through unimaginable losses themselves during the current genocide in Gaza. This award is deeply personal to me for those reasons.” She used the word “genocide” twice to describe the Israeli war.

According to Jabr’s social media posts, she was summoned to a meeting with the hospital’s president and vice president of nursing on her first day back at work after the ceremony. They discussed how she “put others at risk,” “ruined the ceremony,” and “offended people” with her remarks.

Near the end of her shift, Jabr was “dragged” into another office where the hospital’s director of resources read her termination letter before she was escorted off the premises by a plainclothes cop.

NYU Langone spokesman Steve Ritea confirmed that Jabr was fired, stating she had been warned in December following a “previous incident” and had been admonished “not to bring her views on this divisive and charged issue into the workplace.”

After being dismissed from her job Jabr took to Instagram to express her grievances against the hospital. She alleged that the hospital had committed wrongdoings such, as revealing personal information retaliating financially fostering a hostile workplace atmosphere and subjecting her to gaslighting and psychological manipulation.

Critics argue that Israel’s military campaign in Gaza amounts to genocide, with the government of South Africa formally accusing the country of genocide in January when it asked the United Nations’ top court to order a halt to Israeli military operations in the territory. Israel has denied the genocide charge and maintains it is doing everything it can to protect Gaza’s civilian population.