NYC Officials Contemplate Issuing Curfews For Illegal Immigrants

As New York City experiences a never-ending surge of illegal immigration, a councilwoman of the Big Apple recently said she believes issuing curfews for unlawful migrants is a “good enough” solution to tackle the issue because such a measure allegedly works for the city’s homeless population.

New York City Councilwoman Joann Ariola brought up the topic of issuing curfews during a recent meeting with lawmakers following reports of panhandling in shelters housing illegal immigrants.

“I asked questions about the possibility of a curfew at migrant shelters. I think a curfew should be set because homeless people [staying in NYC shelters] have curfews,” Ariola said in a statement to the New York Post. “If it’s good enough for homeless New Yorkers it’s good enough for migrants.”

Ariola’s suggestion is being considered by New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) as the Big Apple continues to experience the consequences of the Biden administration’s lax border policies.

The New York City mayor’s director of Asylum Seeker Operations, Molly Schaeffer, said implementing curfews is “something they were looking into.”

Residents near a migrant shelter in Floyd Bennett Field have raised concerns about the housing crisis taking place near their homes. Such a situation has also created discomfort among illegal border crossers who have complained about the location they are being housed.

“Because of its isolation, nearby residents say migrants have been walking into their residential neighborhoods and begging to help,” the New York Post reported.

A resident near Floyd Bennett Field, Paul Sanzone, 52, told the New York Post that illegal immigrants are consistently on his doorstep asking for help, adding that it’s “alarming.”
In December 2023, a resident from Brooklyn, New York, David Fitzgerald, said an “invasion” was taking place in his neighborhood of Marine Park.

“I see them sitting outside stores … outside the mall and going around to all the houses in the neighborhood, knocking on the door looking for money,” Fitzgerald said. “There is definitely a lot of nervousness in the neighborhood, that is for sure.”

“I don’t think they should be at Floyd Bennett Field anyways. It’s not a good living environment for people, certainly for families,” he added. “It’s just not good enough and if there is no room for them to be here, then they should not be here.”