NYPD: Migrant Crime Spree Nets 62 Women’s Phones, Wallets

Already besieged by tens of thousands of illegal migrants, New York City now suffers from the crime wave that came with its newest arrivals. Three males were detained in the Bronx after allegedly attacking roughly 62 women and stealing cell phones and wallets.

Authorities reported the illegals are from Venezuela, but details are sketchy on their arrival in the Big Apple. Tens of thousands have made their way to New York to take advantage of the city’s “sanctuary” status.

Investigators believe the suspects were grabbing phones to secure access to Apple Pay or Cash App. They would then use these applications to make purchases.

NYPD officials said the trio was taken into custody at a suspected “safe house” after a search warrant was obtained and executed. Each faces several charges of robbery and grand larceny.

It is further believed that they are far from being the only suspects.

NYPD Assistant Commissioner Kaz Daughtry posted on X, formerly Twitter, that most migrants arrive seeking a better life. He added, “Sadly some come to commit crime. Today we made tremendous progress in the largest robbery pattern plaguing our city.”

According to the New York Post, this scheme is hardly confined to the three suspects now in custody.

The outlet reported the group who allegedly attacked two NYPD officers near Times Square and fled to California were involved in a similar operation. Some of the suspects were arrested Monday at a bus station in Phoenix, Arizona.

A police source told the Post that the illegals would use the credit card information and Apply Pay contained in stolen phones to buy cars, pools and other high-end items.

The source confirmed “they’re buying cars back in Ecuador and Venezuela. They’re putting pools in their homes there…That’s why the larcenies are going out of control. It’s unbelievable what they’re doing.”

Incredibly, four of the suspects who fled the city had their bus tickets purchased by taxpayers. The New York Office of Emergency Management regularly pays for passage for migrants who tell non-profit groups they want to leave.

The suspects are believed to have used swapped identifications and fake names to secure the tickets.