Paroled Haitian Migrant Charged With Horrific Attack On Girl

A Haitian migrant in the U.S. due to the Biden administration’s controversial parole program is now charged with a vicious attack on a 15-year-old disabled girl. The terrifying incident allegedly took place at a Massachusetts hotel converted into a migrant shelter.

The suspect, 26-year-old Cory Alvarez, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Thursday. Fox News reported he flew into John F. Kennedy International Airport last June and was sponsored by a New Jersey resident.

Alvarez is one of over a million migrants from such countries as Haiti, Cuba, Venezuela and Afghanistan who are now in the U.S. thanks to the White House parole program.

It was Wednesday evening when police responded to a call about a horrific attack at the Comfort Inn in Rockland. The site is now part of a federal and state program to shelter illegal migrants.

The victim was described as Haitian, and she told police that she sought Alvarez’s help with her tablet before the alleged violent encounter.

The suspect is being held without bail before a hearing scheduled for next week. An immigration detainer has also been placed on Alvarez by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Up to 30,000 migrants per month are now flown into the U.S. under the Biden program.

The new policy was first established for Venezuelans in Oct. 2022. A controlled number were permitted to fly into the U.S. if they had not previously entered the nation, had a sponsor and cleared specific background checks.

Democrats were then able to massively expand the program in Jan. 2023. Now it includes migrants from several countries who are greeted with an extensive list of perks upon arrival.

These 30,000 new arrivals per month are given a work permit and a two-year authorization to reside in the U.S. They are also not counted among the millions of border encounters, allowing the Biden administration to claim that it is controlling migration.

The president’s Department of Homeland Security called the parole process a “safe and orderly way to reach the United States.”

Republican leaders from 20 states filed suit against the program, but that proved unsuccessful in recent days.