Patel Accuses Discredited House Jan. 6 Committee Of Smear Campaign

Former Donald Trump advisor and chief of staff for the Defense Secretary Kash Patel revealed he is now subjected to a smear campaign by the controversial House committee investigating the Jan. 6 demonstrations

Patel flatly refuted assertions made by panel members when he testified that his former boss indeed authorized calling out the National Guard. His statements were also corroborated by other witnesses who spoke to the committee which was attempting to pin blame on the former president.

He recounted being present at a meeting where perceived threats involving the planned rally were discussed. Trump specifically called for Defense Department officials to work with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the D.C. mayor to ensure the event did not create problems.

Patel revealed the president’s view of the event. “Just in case there’s any security issues in D.C. or any other major city, I know you need my authorization, so I’m giving it to you.”

He confirmed that the Republican president told officials to deploy the National Guard if it became necessary.

But the Jan. 6 House committee wanted no part of the truth. Members immediately began to plant seeds of doubt concerning the honesty of Patel’s testimony and suggested it was not an accurate recollection.

In March, Patel wrote a fascinating piece for The Federalist in which he described the intentional suppression of evidence by the Jan. 6 committee. He asserted that the group, composed of House Democrats and two anti-Trump Republicans, had a singular goal in mind.

To keep the 45th president from ever occupying the Oval Office again.

He credited one of those “Republicans,” former representative Liz Cheney, with being the driving force behind a disinformation campaign.

Patel revealed that, according to the Democratic narrative, Trump did not authorize a strong National Guard presence on Jan. 6. Cheney and her cohorts pushed the idea that he actively lured a mob to the Capitol and essentially ordered a riot.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Patel further accused Cheney of succumbing to a common malady among the left — Trump Derangement Syndrome. As he confirmed, Trump authorized at least 10,000 troops to be present, and no amount of disinformation from Democrats and a few GOP allies changed that fact.