Paul Pelosi Testifies In Hammer Attack Trial

Paul Pelosi, husband to former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, testified against David DePape on Monday, who was involved in a harrowing hammer incident in October 2022. Pelosi narrates how he woke up to the presence of an intruder holding a hammer which would soon be used against him.

Pelosi recounted the chilling moment saying, “the door was opened and a huge man entered with a hammer in one hand and tie in another.” Upon regaining consciousness, the accused stood about 2-4 steps away from Pelosi, asking “Where’s Nancy?”

According to Pelosi, the shock of “the break in” and knowing he was just seconds away from death, Pelosi claims he managed to remain calm. San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins claimed DePape went to the Pelosi home and broke the back glass window that leads to the bedroom, where Nancy Pelosi’s husband and son were sleeping.

Pelosi recalls DePape saying he was going to tie him up and wait for Nancy to arrive back from Washington D.C. to kidnap her and break her kneecaps. Sometime later DePape would take Pelosi’s cellphone away after he was caught calling the police from a nearby bathroom.

After the assailant drops his guard, Pelosi suggests “Why don’t we go downstairs? It’s okay for you to tie me up and have a good night’s rest,” knowing the police were almost there. According to Pelosi, when police arrived, he ambushed DePapes in an attempt to knock the hammer from DePape’s hand.

Pelosi was forced backward and hit by the hammer during the ensuing struggle in his attempt to disarm the intruder but recalls the aftermath of the attack as being a big blur. He said after the hammer hit him, the next thing he remembered after opening his eyes was being drenched in blood, and getting lifted into an ambulance headed towards the hospital.

Authorities confirmed DePape had a bag that contained zip ties and duct tape along with the hammer. Pelosi stressed that he had not wanted to revisit the painful experience and that he hadn’t spoken about it to anyone outside of his family, who all swore to keep the details private. DePape, 43, appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted kidnapping of a federal official and assault of an immediate family member of a federal official.

If convicted, DePape faces a maximum sentencing of 50 years imprisonment and a $500,000 fine.