Pentagon Official Charged With Running Horrific Dog-Fighting Ring

A Pentagon official resurfaced this week after being charged with operating a large dog-fighting ring in Maryland for two decades. Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. was a deputy chief information officer in the Department of Defense (DOD).

Prosecutors accused him of breeding dogs and then forcing them to fight for his profit. Moorefield is also alleged to have used jumper cables to electrocute animals that didn’t die while fighting.

He was photographed by the Daily Mail leaving his Maryland home after not being seen following the indictment.

Authorities believe he hosted gamblers at his property in Arnold, Maryland, where the alleged fights took place.

Moorefield was arrested on Sept. 28 along with a friend, 49-year-old Mario Damon Flythe.

Investigators reportedly searched his home and found five dogs believed to be pit bulls in cages. They also allegedly encountered blood-stained walls, carpeting, furniture and jumper cables believed to be used for executing animals.

Police discovered devices where female dogs were strapped into for forcible insemination, and veterinary medicines were also taken.

The affidavit charged Moorefield, Flythe and others used encrypted messaging apps to place bets, exchange videos and discuss how they trained the dogs to fight.

The basement was a house of horrors.

Investigators discovered what apparently was dog blood and dog hair on the walls, along with stained panels. A section of gray carpet was found with dark stains believed to indicate multiple dog fights.

According to court documents, Flythe confessed while his home was being searched that he previously participated in dog fighting. Police seized seven pit bull-type dogs along with dog fighting paraphernalia.

These included weighted collars.

The FBI investigation into the ring calling itself “the DMV Board” apparently continued for several years. Indictments were handed down in Virginia last year for nine alleged members.

These suspects reportedly cooperated with authorities and provided Telegram app messages between members of the organization.

As far back as 2018, local animal control officers responded to a report of two dead dogs in a plastic dog food bag. Investigators then found mail in the bag addressed to Moorefield, and the animal’s bodies showed scars indicating a pattern of dog fighting.

A spokesperson for the Office of the Secretary of Defense confirmed that Moorefield no longer works there.