Personal Data For Thousands Of Gun Owners At Risk

Identifying records of hundreds of thousands of Indiana gun owners are potentially about to be revealed as the result of a lawsuit that has languished in the court system for 24 years.

Acquisition and Distribution (A&D) books from a state Cabela’s are being handed over to government officials. Further, the same materials from an Indiana Bass Pro Shop are in danger of being turned over as well.

Critics charge the result could echo the shocking publication of an interactive map of handgun permit holders by a New York media outlet in 2012. The potential for misuse of this information in the current climate of anti-gun extremism is great.

And it all started with a lawsuit filed by Brady attorneys in 1999. The action was on behalf of Gary, Indiana, and joined over 40 other municipalities in attacking the weapons industry.

Manufacturers such as Smith & Wesson, Glock, Colt and others along with gun dealers were erroneously blamed for violent acts committed by criminals. The clear intent was to litigate the industry out of business, thus nullifying the Second Amendment.

In response, the federal government and several states enacted statutes defending the industry. Within a short time all of the lawsuits disappeared from the judicial system.

Except for one.

Gary v. Glock is 24 years old and has withstood many attempts to have it thrown into the dustbin of history. And now it threatens to make public constitutionally-protected transactions that should remain strictly private.

Indiana Superior Court Judge John M. Sedia in November rejected an order to halt subpoenas concerning the data on gun purchasers.

Cabela’s already handed over more than 200,000 transaction records complete with names, addresses, and items purchased. The Bass Pro Shops location in Portage, Indiana, is expected to be forced to do the same.

The dangers are numerous. For one, relinquishing such data to the federal government plays into the hands of Biden’s gun control fanatics. The only thing they want more than a federal gun registry is the outright banning of firearms.

Only the Second Amendment stands in their way.

It also gives burglars specific information on the possessions of specific individuals. Any reasonable Indiana gun owner would be wise to enhance their home security and safeguard their weapons.