Pesticide Found In Cheerios And Quaker Oats Causes Infertility

An astonishing 80% of Americans have tested positive for a toxic pesticide that is commonly found in grain-based foods such as Quaker Oats and Cheerios, according to The Post Millennial.

Chlormequat has been linked to delayed puberty, infertility, and altered fetal growth according to a study published by the published by the Environmental Working Group.

The study found that urine samples collected from people in the U.S. between 2017 and 2022 showed low quantities of chlormequat. Samples from 2023 recorded much higher concentrations.

In 2017, 69% of people in the study tested positive for the pesticide. In 2023, 90% of the participants tested positive. The steep increase in exposure to hazardous chemicals is alarming.

The highest detection rate of the pesticide was found in oat-based foods.

Consumers won’t find chlormequat on any food label. It’s not an ingredient. When it comes to processed food, it can be difficult to tell exactly what you’re ingesting. You are at the mercy of corporate food production — so are your children.

According to the EWG, the federal government allows the import of the “highly toxic agricultural chemical” so it can then be used on oats and other grains.

Chlormequat applied to grain and oat crops changes the way a plant grows by preventing it from bending over and making it easier to harvest.

The EWG stated, “We detected the chemical in 92 percent of oat-based foods purchased in May 2023, including Quaker Oats and Cheerios.”

Organic oats didn’t fare much better. Only one of the seven organic samples tested by the EWG had low levels of the pesticide.

The implications of the test results indicate Americans are routinely exposed to chlormequat.

Experiments on animals showed that chlormequat damaged reproductive systems and disrupted fetal growth.

The EWG study “raises questions about whether it could also harm humans.”

News like this makes Robert F. Kennedy’s assertions that chemicals in water are impacting the sexuality of children seem more plausible.