Pipe Bomb Discovered Behind Philadelphia Church

Philadelphia police found an 18-inch pipe bomb behind a catholic church in Northeast Philadelphia on Sunday. The bomb, which was found around train tracks behind St. Dominic Catholic Church on Frankford Ave, was found after someone passing by the area noticed a strange contraption.

The pipe bomb was said to be made of PVC with black powder on it and a powder yet to be identified inside it. It also had capped ends.

While the bomb squad worked to defuse and remove the bomb, the streets got shut down. It is still unclear who put the bomb there and their motive, as no further information regarding the incident has been released. No one was injured, according to authorities.

This incident that has residents of the neighborhood scared happened a day after a Los Angeles bishop was shot and killed at his home in Hacienda Heights. By the time authorities arrived at the shooting scene, they had found him with a fatal gunshot wound on the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Resident Alan Serge finds the pipe bomb incident especially scary as he has children. It’s pretty scary if it was a friggin’ pipe bomb. I mean I’m not letting my kids go over there, I know that. That’s for a fact,” he told CBS News.

Another resident Brian Boedecker, who has lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years, says such incidents never happen in the area. “Pipe bombs back here? No, not at all. There’s many things but not no pipe bombs,” he stated.

Boedecker said the incident has greatly impacted the neighborhood parents’ view on safety. “We used to be OK with like just monitoring them inside, letting them play out here and run in and out of the house but when stuff like this is going on, hey you never know,” he said.

While questions pile up in the hearts of residents, police say the device is being dismantled for proper analysis.