Poll: Biden’s Open Border Policies Unite Americans In Opposition

A new poll published on Friday reflects the significant concern among Americans regarding the ongoing immigration crisis, challenging the Biden administration’s inept handling of border security and illegal migration. The poll was conducted by the Associated Press with the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago between March 21 and 25 and involved almost 1,300 adults.

The survey explored public opinion on various policy proposals to address the challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border. A substantial 64% of respondents endorsed hiring more Border Patrol agents, marking a rare point of bipartisan agreement in a deeply divided political landscape. This consensus, however, does not extend to all aspects of immigration policy. While 58% support hiring more immigration judges, and 53% favor limiting asylum seekers, only 42% back the construction of a border wall. The border wall has become something of a political totem among Democrats who, of course, oppose President Donald Trump at every turn.

The partisan divide becomes more pronounced in the approval ratings for President Biden’s handling of immigration. A staggering 68% disapprove of Biden’s approach, with only 31% expressing approval. Along with the expected overwhelming disapproval of Republicans, a substantial number of the critical independent demographic are also dissatisfied with the Biden open borders approach.

Furthermore, the poll reflects the sharp contrast in policy preferences between Democrats and Republicans. While a majority on both sides agree on the need for more Border Patrol agents, they diverge significantly on other measures, such as reducing asylum seekers and building a border wall. These differences highlight the complex nature of immigration issues and the challenges in finding comprehensive solutions that satisfy all stakeholders.

Analysis of the polling data suggests a significant impact on the political landscape. The broad disapproval of Biden’s immigration policies and the bipartisan support for increasing Border Patrol numbers could signify a shift in the public’s priority toward border security and stricter immigration control. This shift is a reaction to perceived open border policies under the current administration, which critics argue have exacerbated the crisis at the border.

The bipartisan consensus among Americans on the desperate need to aggressively tackle the immigration crisis presents a valuable opportunity for America First candidates to campaign effectively this year on what matters most to ordinary citizens.