Pro-Lifers Go To Jail, Illegals Out Without Bail

Six pro-lifers who prayed in front of a Tennessee abortion clinic in 2021 will be serving up to 11 years in federal prison. Six illegal immigrants who violently attacked police officers in the city of New York were released without bail.

The conviction of the peaceful prayer warriors and the catch-and-release of the thugs occurred within a day of each other this week.

The pro-life protestors did nothing other than sing, pray, and sit in front of the door to the Carafem Health Center Clinic in Mt. Joliet, Tennessee. By doing so, they were in violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which was passed by a Democrat-majority Congress and signed by pro-abortion Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1994.

In contrast, the six illegals were behaving a bit loud and disruptive on the Big Apple’s West 42nd Street last Saturday, and two police officers told them to quiet down. For this act of law enforcement brutality, the two officers received a beat down as the pack of asylum-seeking migrants attacked them. They proceeded to punch and kick the officers repeatedly — probably not in a “mostly peaceful” manner. They were arrested and charged with assault on an officer — and were all released without bail.

These are some of the most disturbing examples yet of the upside-down nature of the Biden Administration and of the increasingly not-so-subtle persecution of their political enemies. The conviction of the non-violent pro-life protesters is likely the most brazen and heavy-handed act yet by Democrat federal authority.

Abortion seems to be the issue that triggers the most tirades and acts of revenge among the far-left powers that be. The FACE Act has been increasingly weaponized to punish pro-lifers who are otherwise ordinary citizens. Unquestionably it is being used to intimidate pro-life activists and Roman Catholics in particular. The Tennessee clinic incident should have resulted in no more than trespass or disturbing the peace charges. But Hell hath no fury to match Democrats who have had their abortion-on-demand rights stripped by a Supreme Court with three Trump appointees.

The other issue that Democrats pursue with almost as much vigor is flooding the nation with illegal immigrants, giving them benefits and privileges not afforded to citizens, and holding them accountable for nothing. They also can obtain driver’s licenses and voting privileges. This last part is key; the flood of illegals is a flood of new voters.

In New York, assaulting a police officer is a Class C felony with a maximum sentence for is 15 years. Minimum sentencing guidelines require 3 and half years even for a defendant who has no prior criminal history. The six violent perpetrators may well never even show up for their court dates.

Yet sitting in front of a soon-to-be ex-abortion clinic while praying and singing results in 11 years in Federal prison.

Yes — there is one irony to this particular story. The Carafem Health Center Clinic at the center of the FACE incident no longer provides abortions. This is due to pro-life legislation passed by Tennessee following Roe V. Wade’s reversal.