Rep. Warren Davidson Removed From Freedom Caucus After Endorsing Challenger

The House Freedom Caucus has ousted Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) following his endorsement of a primary challenger to the caucus chairman, Rep. Bob Good (R-VA). The decision was made during a closed-door meeting on Monday, confirming the internal discord within the conservative group.

Davidson endorsed Virginia state Sen. John McGuire, who narrowly defeated Good in last month’s primary. Davidson defended his decision, saying it was based on the merits of the candidates rather than a challenge to the Freedom Caucus. “This Congressional race was never about the Freedom Caucus,” Davidson stated. “I hope my endorsement for John McGuire made a difference and I look forward to serving alongside him in the 119th Congress.”

The fallout from Davidson’s removal has already begun, with Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX) announcing his resignation from the caucus. “I respect the HFC and have been aligned with their conservative positions. I want to grow the organization and encourage more members to join,” Nehls said. “With tonight’s vote, it was clear that is not their objective.”

The Freedom Caucus, known for its close alignment with former President Donald Trump, has seen a shift in dynamics with Bob Good’s chairmanship. Good’s initial endorsement of Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for the GOP presidential nomination and subsequent switch to Trump after DeSantis suspended his campaign created friction within the group.

Trump’s endorsement of McGuire was pivotal in his narrow victory over Good, with the final count showing a difference of just 374 votes. Good has indicated he will request a recount. If the results are upheld, Good will be the first Freedom Caucus chairman to lose a primary election.