RFK Jr. Discusses Flights On Epstein’s Plane

Independent presidential candidate and former Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disclosed on a Tuesday evening appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime” that he traveled in the past on the private jet owned by deceased mysterious financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Kennedy told host Jesse Watters, “I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times in 1993 with my wife and two children to visit my mom over Easter.” His admission places him in a group of high-profile figures linked to Epstein’s infamous flights.

The flight logs for Epstein’s plane, infamously dubbed the “Lolita Express,” have been a matter of political and popular intrigue since his suspicious death in August 2019 while being held in a New York City federal jail awaiting trial on human trafficking charges.

While Epstein’s death was officially ruled a suicide, it has been shrouded in suspicion and various theories, mainly due to his high-profile connections and the nature of his criminal charges involving underage human trafficking. Epstein’s demise came at a time when he could have potentially implicated several influential figures, which has added fuel to the public skepticism about the circumstances of his death.

Among the notable individuals confirmed to have flown on Epstein’s planes are former President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew of the UK and prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz. These revelations have attracted significant attention, emerging from the limited flight logs previously disclosed and sworn testimony.

As Kennedy stressed that his trips on the plane involved family travel, he emphasized that he also believes the full flight logs should be disclosed. He told Watters, “All of the information should be open to the public. It should be absolutely transparent. Why would we be hiding that from the American public?”

Congressional oversight regarding the flight records has been challenging and beset by roadblocks. Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) recently saw her request for a Senate subpoena for the material blocked by Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL). Blackburn seeks disclosure of the flight logs maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration and posted in frustration to X, formerly Twitter, last week: “@SenatorDurbin BLOCKED my request to subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. What are Democrats trying to hide?”

The Tennessee senator also demanded that the records be made public to “identify everyone who could have participated in his horrific conduct.”

“They also don’t want to have a conversation about the estate of Jeffrey Epstein to find out the names of every person who participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s human trafficking ring,” she added.