RFK Jr. Wins Spot On Ballot In Swing States

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat who decided to run for president as an independent candidate, is set to appear on the November 2024 ballot in both Arizona and Georgia.

The candidate’s spot on the ballot in the two swing states was confirmed on February 27 by American Values 24, the political action committee (PAC) that is supporting Kennedy’s presidential campaign.

According to a spokesperson for the PAC, the candidate obtained the number of required signatures to appear on the ballot in the two states, both of which could reasonably be expected to be won by either the Democrat or Republican candidate in November.

A poll of registered voters in Arizona found that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are favored by 33% of residents while Kennedy is not far behind with 26% support. He is also favored by 26% in Michigan. These poll results were celebrated by the independent candidate in a February 28 X post, in which he wrote the mainstream media “can’t ignore us anymore” as his campaign is “gaining momentum.”

According to American Values 24 co-founder Tony Lyons, the Kennedy campaign is invigorated by the success in critical swing states and planning to move right along to the “remaining states on our list.” Lyons wrote in an email that these states are California, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, South Carolina and Texas.

Approval on the Arizona and Georgia ballots are a major victory for the Kennedy campaign, which first qualified to be listed on the ballot in Utah. The candidate initially joined the 2024 presidential race with the Democratic party but decided to run as an independent in October 2023.

A recent Harvard Harris poll gauging support for the presidential candidates—including Republican Nikki Haley, President Joe Biden, former president Donald Trump and Kennedy—showed that the independent candidate threatens to steal votes from the expected rematch between Trump and Biden.

When asked how they would vote between Biden, Trump and Kennedy, 18% of survey participants voiced support for Kennedy. Another poll from October 2023 shows that Kennedy is supported not only by 26% of registered voters in Arizona but also 24% in Georgia.