Richard Grenell Denounces Biden Administration For Intimidating Conservative Guatemalans

The former acting director of national intelligence under the Trump administration, Richard Grenell, recently went after the Biden administration, accusing it of “weaponizing their power against conservatives in Guatemala.”

Grenell’s comments come after his recent visit to Guatemala and his tenure as U.S. Ambassador to Germany from 2018-2020.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Grenell said he listened to multiple “horrific stories” by Guatemalan citizens about individuals from the State Department trying to coerce them to stop criticizing leftist ideas.

“I’ve spent the last few days in Guatemala listening to some horrific stories of State Department officials trying to intimidate Guatemalans from criticizing Left wing policies.

The Embassy has summoned business and political leaders to their offices to ask them to stop supporting the Attorney General, her work and conservative policies,” Grenell wrote.

“They even demanded that people not support her re-election a few years ago. They are demanding people support Left wing policies or else,” he added.

Grenell continued by calling such an intimidation of Guatemalans “outrageous,” adding that officials in the U.S. Embassy are now threatening to impose sanctions on those supporting the Attorney General of Guatemala.

“What the Biden team is doing to conservatives in America is exactly what they are doing overseas — thru the State Department’s INL and WHA leadership. It’s unAmerican and just may be illegal. I’ve called for the State Department IG to launch an investigation as quickly as possible. I know several U.S. senators agree,” Grenell said.

Grenell later responded to a post made by Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), detailing a recent instance where U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) held the son of the former conservative president of Guatemala for questioning at Miami International Airport.

The former acting director of national intelligence said the “Biden team is weaponizing their power against conservatives in Guatemala.”

In the U.S., the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), at the behest of President Joe Biden, has launched a large-scale scheme to prosecute the president’s political opponents, including former President Donald Trump, who has been indicted four times by radical leftist judges in states across America.

It appears that the Biden administration is now expanding its anti-conservative efforts to Latin America.