RINOs Romney And Ryan Attempt To Sway 2024 Election

If Republicans do not intend to win back the White House in 2024, they don’t have far to go to get advice from candidates experienced at losing. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) and former House Speaker Paul Ryan are throwing their expertise into the race.

Despite former President Donald Trump’s clearly insurmountable lead for the GOP nod, the 2012 presidential ticket is attempting to sway the race. They intend to push the frontrunner off the party’s ballot, which is highly unlikely.

Their group is meeting this week in Park City, Utah.

Candidates scheduled to speak to the nominally Republican gathering include Nikki Haley, Chris Christie, Mike Pence and Doug Burgum.

Ryan claimed the summit, named E2 for “experts and enthusiasts,” is working to address a “vacuum of leadership.” He said the speakers include “elected officials, political candidates, top policy minds, military and national security experts, leading CEOs and others.”

The gathering was once championed by Romney, and Ryan then took over as figurehead. The duo are forever linked by the inability to defeat Democratic incumbent Barack Obama in 2012.

Summit leader Spencer Zwick explained to Axios that the group of roughly 250 does not “accept that Donald Trump is the nominee.” He said that acknowledgment of reality is “not in their DNA,” and they seek another candidate who they can support.

It would be one thing if the Republican field was tightly bunched together and headed toward a photo finish.

However, it is anything but that. GOP voters have expressed their preference loud and clear, and it is certain they will make the same convictions known when they vote in the party primaries next year.

Romney and Ryan wish to be kingmakers, but neither has anywhere near the influence to pull this off. Perhaps realizing this, Ryan expended much energy focusing on the incompetent administration currently occupying the White House.

He declared, “Joe Biden’s agenda is holding America back. His policies have led to soaring debt and higher inflation hurting families and undermining confidence in our economy.”

E2 is being held behind closed doors, and organizers promoted it as a chance for candidates to express themselves off the record. It is an exercise in futility, however, if the primary goal is to drag Republican voters away from their clear choice.