Rob Reiner Skewered Over Post Denouncing RFK Jr.’s Announcement

In an announcement this week that many pundits predicted, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. confirmed that he would be dropping out of the Democratic presidential primary race in order to mount a White House bid as an independent.

The move makes Kennedy a wild card in next year’s general election, since his eclectic political views have earned him both praise and criticism from voters in both major parties.

In the opinion of far-left filmmaker Rob Reiner, however, the net impact of Kennedy’s independent campaign will be to harm President Joe Biden’s re-election chances.

He took to X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — on Monday to recount a conversation during which he supposedly pleaded with Kennedy to reconsider.

“Bobby Kennedy Jr.’s announcement to run as an Independent is a dangerous and cynical move by wealthy Republicans to put Trump back in the WH,” Reiner wrote. “I talked with Bobby and told him that what he is doing could destroy American Democracy. He didn’t care.”

He was roundly rebuked by X users who denounced his seemingly sanctimonious take on the issue.

Comedian Roseanne Barr offered a scathing critique of the role his inflated ego apparently played in the conversation.

“You told someone that them running for president will destroy America and they didn’t care about your opinion?” her satiric post began. “Do they not understand that you’re a very smart man? That’s crazy. He should immediately drop out. As you know, democracy is dangerous to our democracy and we can’t let Americans vote for who they want. That would be pure fascism.”

For his part, Kennedy expressed disillusionment with both parties while staking his claim as the first independent political candidate with a viable path to victory.

In disavowing America’s deeply ingrained two-party system, he asserted: “People suspect that the divisions are deliberately orchestrated. They’re fed up with being fooled and they’re ready to take back power.”

Kennedy went on to reference what he claimed to be a growing belief among voters that “it doesn’t have to be this way.”

While he would need a substantial boost to claim victory over either Biden or GOP primary front-runner Donald Trump, a recent poll found support for his independent candidacy was firmly in double-digit territory.