Robber Wearing Trump Mask Pummeled By Jewelry Store Employees

A would-be thief in California attempting to pull off a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store ran away empty-handed and bruised after receiving a beat-down from the store’s employees.

The incident occurred at Meza’s Jewelry on Main Street in El Monte, California, at around 2:20 p.m. on Saturday. The suspect attempted to rob the family-owned jewelry store, pepper-spraying the employees and shattering jewelry display cases with a hammer in an attempt to steal the expensive jewelry.

However, his efforts ultimately failed when he was pummeled and chased out of the jewelry store by the employees.

An employee explained the incident to local news outlet KABC-TV, stating: “Me, my uncle, and my dad were tugging him out. I was trying to defend my family because as you could see he was hitting my dad and my uncle.”

Two employees can be seen on the video punching and kicking the suspect, while a third employee repeatedly hits him with a large stick. The attempted robber even lost his shirt during the scuffle. The extremely overweight man was then seen fleeing the jewelry store, shirtless, while employees continued to pursue him.

He escaped the scene in a gray Dodge Charger. The El Monte Police Department is investigating the incident and searching for the would-be robber — who they described as a 35 to 45-year-old Black man standing at about 6’1″ tall, weighing between 270 and 300 pounds, with some facial hair.

Speaking with local news outlet KNBC, the jewelry store owner expressed concern over threats that the suspect made as he was fleeing the scene.

“My dad and my brother started hitting him, and then he brings out the pepper spray and started spraying everyone. We’re angry and we’re also worried because when he left he turned to my brother and said he was gonna kill all of us,” he said in the interview.

According to the employees, the suspect entered the store wearing a Donald Trump Halloween mask — which came off during the scuffle and was later turned over to police as evidence.

Following the incident, the employees were treated for minor injuries. The El Monte Police Department is still investigating the attempted robbery — and has requested that anyone with information related to the incident call at 626-580-2100, or call anonymously at 800-222-TIPS.