Sabato: Biden Struggles As Trump Widens Lead In Polls

Political analyst Larry Sabato has highlighted the growing disparity between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, describing the race as no longer close. Speaking on CNN, Sabato, known for his critical stance on Trump, underscored the troubling poll numbers for Biden, which show him falling significantly behind.

In his appearance, Sabato discussed the recent polling data that paints a bleak picture for Biden’s campaign. This interview took place before Biden’s difficult exchange with George Stephanopoulos, which did little to bolster his standing.

Sabato warned that a single positive interview or event would not be sufficient to alter the downward trend. “I don’t think [President Biden] can change the dynamic with one interview,” he said. “The bleeding has been bad. We’ve been looking at all the data coming in, all the surveys — some public, some private — and it’s bad. Democrats need to understand that things are not stable, and it is no longer close. The race between Biden and Trump is no longer close.”

Sabato pointed out that multiple recent polls, including one from CNN, show a consistent lead for Trump. “Biden, who was maybe even or just two points behind Trump, is now six points behind in these polls,” he noted. “That’s millions of voters. What’s going to restore them? A good interview, a good rally? Come on.”