Sandy Hook Memorial Exploited for Biden Family’s Chinese Business Dealings

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter used his father’s appearance at a solemn Sandy Hook shooting memorial in 2017 to arrange a meeting with a Chinese business partner, according to documents released by the House Ways and Means Committee. The younger Biden messaged CEFC executive Liu Yadong to coordinate a meeting with the then-former vice president, who was attending the event commemorating five years since the deadly elementary school shooting.

The news comes as the Biden family’s multimillion-dollar relationship with Chinese government-affiliated company CEFC is being investigated. More and more evidence continues to mount that Biden was, despite previous declarations to the contrary, profiting off of his family’s business dealings with the Chinese government.

The committee also alleges that Hunter Biden may have lied under oath during his February congressional testimony. “Hunter Biden lied about the recipient of a WhatsApp message sent with the apparent intention to threaten a business associate and demand payment,” claimed committee chairman Jason Smith (R-MO).

These new findings continue the momentum of a constant and steady drip of information about the Biden crime family’s brazen business dealings that may have implications for all Americans ranging from serious national security concerns to simply being able to trust the man who sits in the Oval Office.