Schumer Leads Bipartisan Group to Israel For Weekend Meeting

Following the attacks by Hamas on Israel, a group of lawmakers is heading to the war-torn area to discuss American assistance. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will lead the bipartisan team.

The meeting with Israel is to determine what assistance is necessary and how best to get the country the help it needs. The United States has already committed to back Israel in the war against Hamas in any way they can.

This trip comes when the Senate needs a permanent replacement for the recently vacated Speaker of the House position. The lack of a replacement leaves many decisions in the Senate delayed, causing problems with the flow of funding and other legislative actions.

Recently, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin visited Israel recently. These visits have given Congress a reasonable idea of what is needed and how quickly the nation needs the funding and aid.

Schumer’s team of lawmakers will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Isaac Herzog, and senior opposition figure Benny Gantz. These meetings will give Schumer’s team an idea of what the Republicans and Democrats need to do to come together and reach an agreement for funding.

The agreement for Israel funding is an aspect of the trip that many are doubtful can happen quickly. Over the last few months, funding other nations has been at the forefront of many debates and potential government shutdowns.

Funding Ukraine and its war efforts has been one of the leading aid options offered by the Biden administration. This funding effort has come at the cost of several American citizen benefit programs and needed emergency funding.

There is a concern that Democrats may use this funding effort to piggyback more funding for Ukraine. If they do this, Republicans may block any funding to Israel to stop the increased funds flow to Ukraine.

A blockage like this could be disastrous for Israel and the innocents that are caught between Hamas and the Israeli war. The hope of many is that the need for food, water, and medical aid will outweigh the needs of Ukraine’s ongoing requests for additional funds that can not be traced when accountability is questioned.