Senators Grill Wray Over Biden Family Investigation

FBI Director Christopher Wray appeared for a fresh round of questioning by a Senate panel on Tuesday, where he faced continuing interrogation about his agency’s handling of bribery allegations implicating the Biden family.

Wray claimed during the hearing that he was unaware of the confidential human source’s (CHS) claim about the Bidens being bribed by Ukrainian energy firm Burisma until “much, much, much more recently than anything around 2020.” However, his claim is directly contradicted by the information provided to lawmakers by whistleblower federal employees and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Pittsburgh. The obvious implication is that there is either serious miscommunication or dissembling inside the FBI.

Dating back to 2020, the controversy came to the Senate’s attention when an FBI source implicated the Bidens in an intricate bribery scheme involving funds from Burisma. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) released the FD-1023, the FBI’s interview memorandum, that summarized the report from the CHS that Burisma had paid bribes of $5 million each to Joe and Hunter Biden.

Grassley grilled Wray on Tuesday about the inconsistencies between the director’s claims and the facts established by the investigative record. Wray refused to directly address questions about when he first learned of the contents of the FD-1023 and what steps, if any, he took to investigate the substance of the CHS’s claims.

Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady has previously testified that the upper echelons of FBI leadership were deeply involved in managing the Biden bribery investigation. He said, “It was my understanding that FBI headquarters had to sign off on every assignment, no matter how small or routine before they could take action.” There is no logical way to square that statement with Wray’s claim of ignorance of the substance until only recently.

When questioned on Tuesday about why the Pittsburgh FBI office failed to follow through on investigating the CHS’s claims, he said the fault might lie with Brady’s office. However, Brady has said under oath that the office investigated and corroborated the details in the FD-1023 only to be advised it did not have the authority to move further. He said his office was told to back away so the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office could take responsibility for the case.

Grassley insists that the Senate’s investigation into the Biden bribery matter will continue.
Wray’s ambiguous and evasive testimony that conflicts with credible evidence gathered from other FBI sources shows that it is essential that the investigation continue, wherever it may lead. If the reputation and trustworthiness of the FBI are to be restored, nothing less than complete transparency will suffice.