Southern States Saying No To Gender Affirming Care For Minors

Gender-affirming care is something that most people can get behind. The care includes hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and gentile surgeries. Any adult facing gender reassignment and transitioning will need a portion of the affirming care available. The issue with gender-affirming surgery is not with the adult who needs it. The issue is with allowing minors to not only make the choice for gender reassignment surgery but also access to the medications and therapy.

Conservative Southern states are taking a stand against gender-affirming surgery and the affirming care associated with the transition. The majority of the Southern states, 12 of 16, have banned the area for anyone considered a minor or under the age of 18. This ban not only covers the hormones and blockers, it also includes any reassignment surgery which many consider to be gender mutilation.

The reasons vary from state to state on why the ban is being put in place, but all of them have one thing in common. They all feel that minors should not have the power to make this choice for themselves or the access to make that choice happen. This is due to the damage the medications and the surgery can cause that can not be reversed.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital listed some of the side effects of the puberty blockers alone. These included changes in breast tissue, menstrual cycles, and ongoing insomnia. The blockers also contribute to lower bone density which can cause ongoing issues with bone health in the future.

If a minor decides to move forward with gender reassignment surgery, the surgery is difficult to reverse and can leave the child unable to have children later in life. There can be scar tissue left not to mention the mental and emotional trauma that can occur during the reassignment process and following the surgery.

During the month of June, injunctions on various states bans began lifting. Though there are some states facing a lift on the injunctions, it will not stop the movement to have these dangerous therapies banned for minors.