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In a move demonstrating the left’s disregard for the Second Amendment, the Democratic-controlled Colorado House recently advanced a measure to ban the sale and transfer of semiautomatic firearms in the state.

In a 35-27 vote, the legislation passed the House. It is scheduled to be introduced in the Democratic-controlled state Senate.

Colorado would join other leftist states, such as California, Illinois and New York, if the bill advances, in imposing such bans, according to the National Pulse.

The proposed legislation faces tougher opposition in the Colorado Senate than in the state House. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) has expressed hesitation toward the proposal in the past.

Colorado state Rep. Javier Mabrey (D) urged his fellow lawmakers to join other states in banning semiautomatic weapons.

“This is the state where the modern era of the mass shooting began with Columbine,” Mabrey said.

Democrats in the Colorado House argued that semiautomatic weapons can cause more damage in a short period.

“In Aurora, when the shooter walked in that theater and opened fire,” Mabrey said, adding that “in less than 90 seconds shot up a room full of people. That cannot be done with a knife, that can’t be done with a knife.”

The National Pulse noted that Democrats previously passed four moderate gun control bills, which were signed into law by Polis. Such legislation ranged from raising the legal age to purchase a firearm, implementing a waiting period between gun purchase and receipt, adjusting Colorado’s red flag law and changing legal protections for the firearm industry.

Democrats introduced these measures following a mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub in the state.

Those opposed to the measures, mainly Republicans, have denounced the proposed legislation as violating the Second Amendment, arguing that it fails to address key issues such as mental health and societal value for life. Conservatives in the state pointed out that individuals with ill intent could use other weapons, including knives, to harm others.

It seems that the Biden administration is supporting anti-Second Amendment Democrats.

The legislation in Colorado comes after congressional Democrats introduced a draconian measure to ban gun ranges and private security.