St. Louis Couple’s Records Cleared, Firearms Return Sought After Protest Incident

A judge has expunged the misdemeanor convictions of Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who brandished firearms at racial injustice protesters in 2020. Following this decision, the couple is demanding the return of their confiscated guns.

The McCloskeys, both attorneys, gained national notoriety for waving guns at protesters passing their mansion. On Wednesday, Judge Joseph P. Whyte ruled to expunge their records, stating that expungement is meant to offer rehabilitated individuals a second chance, as reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This ruling came despite opposition from city prosecutors and police.

After the judge’s ruling, Mark McCloskey quickly demanded the return of the guns taken as part of his 2021 guilty plea to misdemeanor assault. “It’s time for the city to cough up my guns,” he told the Post-Dispatch, adding that he plans to file a lawsuit if the firearms are not returned.

The couple’s actions took place in June 2020 during a protest march to the mayor’s house. The McCloskeys claimed they felt threatened by the protesters and insisted the group was trespassing on a private street. Mark McCloskey was seen with an AR-15-style rifle, and Patricia McCloskey held a semi-automatic pistol.

Following their guilty plea, Republican Gov. Mike Parson issued pardons for both individuals. Despite this, the return of their guns has become a new point of contention.

The protest where the incident occurred was part of nationwide demonstrations triggered by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The McCloskeys’ case has continued to spark debate over issues of self-defense, property rights, and Second Amendment protections during social justice movements.