Staten Island Residents Block Migrant Bus From Nursing Home

On Tuesday night, a bus of migrants traveled to the Midland Beach Nursing Home on Staten Island. The plan was to have the migrants housed at the recently converted nursing home, so residents of the area took to the streets to block the bus.

Police were called to the location and arrived to find 10 residents blocking the bus from further movement. The police arrested all 10 residents with nine charged for disorderly conduct and the final resident charged with assaulting a police officer.

The police cleared the residents and allowed the bus to continue to the nursing home. Curtis Sliwa, founder of the Guardian Angels, is backing the residents and the protest.

“As I told them, they don’t have enough handcuffs, they don’t have enough cops, they don’t have enough cars. We’re going to be out here 24/7, 365, and the illegals are not going to want to come here. They should stay in Manhattan.”

This protest and the resulting arrests come on the heels of city officials considering a lower time limit for migrants in NYC shelters. The protests also come as New York City Mayor Eric Adams requested further federal funding for the migrant crisis.

Adams has yet to meet with President Joe Biden, even though Biden is currently visiting NYC for the UN General Assembly meeting this week. Adams gave a statement regarding what he feels NYC needs from the government regarding the migrant crisis.

“We need a decompression strategy, we need to properly fund this national crisis by calling it a state of emergency and we need to allow the asylum seekers to work.”

Adams also stated that he did not agree with the blocking of the migrant bus or with NYC funding the migrant crisis that could go on for years. In previous statements, Adams has said the migrant crisis is a federal one, and the federal government should handle the issue.

As migrants move to different areas, the protests may continue. Even sanctuary cities are saying this crisis is becoming unmanageable and needs more attention before Americans see further failing economies and high crime rates.