Surge In Home Invasions: Colorado Incident Involves Attack On Children

Amid rising violent crime rates, an unsettling home invasion in Aurora, Colorado, has left the community on high alert. On Tuesday, two children fell victim to a deceptive attack in their home, prompting police to issue strong warnings to residents.

The incident unfolded when two men, dressed as delivery workers in bright orange vests, approached the house with a package. The 6-year-old boy and his 14-year-old sister opened the door, believing it was a routine delivery. The men then forced their way in, and during the invasion, the teenage girl was reportedly molested, while one of the intruders displayed a firearm.

The children were not alone; a babysitter was present but was quickly subdued and pushed to the ground along with the young boy. The children’s parents, who were away at the time, were alerted by their Ring camera and immediately contacted the authorities. Despite the invasion lasting only a minute, the thieves managed to escape with valuable items, including jewelry and money.

This attack highlights the persistent danger of opening doors to unknown individuals. In a similar incident last year, an attempted burglary in Noblesville, Indiana, ended with the death of an intruder posing as a DoorDash driver. The 18-year-old intruder, Grayson Rhue, was killed during the attempt, and his partner, Ruai Ngundeng Pal, was later captured and faced several felony charges.

Retired NYPD Sgt. Joseph Giacalone remarked on the evolving tactics of criminals, calling it “an old crime with a new twist.” He stressed the importance of verifying the identity of anyone at the door. “If someone says you need to sign for a package, always ask to see their ID through a window, peephole, or door camera,” Giacalone recommended.

As home invasions become more frequent, it’s imperative for homeowners to remain vigilant and adopt safety measures to prevent such incidents, ensuring their families and properties are protected from dangerous criminal tactics.