Tables Turned: Will Biden Be Kept Off Ohio Ballot?

In a somewhat amusing turning of the tables, the party that was working overtime to keep Americans from voting for former President Donald Trump by removing him from important state ballots, has now found itself in a bind, facing potential troubles with getting President Joe Biden onto the ballot in an important battleground state.

On Friday, Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office informed the Ohio Democratic Party they could be in violation of state law, pointing to a conflict between the Democratic Party’s nominating process and Ohio’s deadline for certifying a party’s presidential nominee.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s legal counsel told the party the Buckeye State’s cutoff date for certification is August 7. But the Democratic National Convention won’t be held until August 19 — nearly two weeks later. This could mean Biden may not be certified in time to appear on Ohio’s November ballot.

Legal counsel Paul Disantis wrote the Democratic National Committee must either move up its convention or the Ohio General Assembly must create an exception to the statutory requirement by May 9, 2024.

The Biden campaign says they are “monitoring the situation in Ohio” and believe the president will be on the ballot in all 50 states. However, this comes just one day after Democrats expressed panic over their own voter registration efforts aiding former President Donald Trump.

An internal memo revealed the supposedly “nonpartisan” registration drives were actually assisting Donald Trump’s campaign, with Democrats extremely concerned that they may be unintentionally registering young and minority voters who will turn around and vote against the current president’s disastrous policies.

The memo warned that if the party continues “blindly register[ing] nonvoters,” it would be “distinctly aiding Trump’s quest for a personal dictatorship.” The suggestion is for Democrats to instead focus on their most reliable voting blocs.

Biden’s electoral problems this November abound. But this ironic twist certainly adds some work for Democrats that doesn’t include hiding Joe Biden’s decline from the public.